Barrevolution combines the small, precise motions of ballet, the core conditioning of Pilates, and functional fitness training to result in strength, balance, and empowerment of the mind and body.

Each class is fun, upbeat, and set to motivating music. The benefits are endless!

  • Feel more flexible. We take time to incorporate stretching after each muscle group is worked, resulting in long, supple muscles. At the end of each class, clients enjoy a 3-minute savasana, in which they are encouraged to slow down and breathe in gratitude before heading back out into the busy world.

  • Quickly build long, lean muscle definition. We work each muscle group to exhaustion, incorporating low-impact cardiovascular exercise to elevate the heart rate and increase endurance. Each class is a total body workout that leaves you both mentally and physically stronger.

  • Work out safely. Controlled movement with a focus on correct form and alignment strengthens the muscles around joints, reducing pressure and protecting from injury. Our instructors are trained to work with clients of all fitness levels and will provide hands-on modifications and easy-to-understand cues to ensure you get the safest, most effective workout possible!


We can't wait to see you at the barre!